Has it been Slow?

It’s another season approaching here in Puerto Vallarta and September has been the slowest month. That isn’t saying much though. In past years, Vallarta and area feel a considerable drop in attendance following the high season of December-April every year. What we have experienced the last few years has been quite different. To put things plainly, things just haven’t been slowing down all that much. This high season that people speak of has been disappearing, even while the weather gets considerably warmer through May-November, steady flows of different visitors are all over the city. The Real Estate sector has followed suit. Since 2008 real estate in Vallarta slowed down largely as of hmmmm…we would say until late 2016, early 2017. What was felt in the proceedings of buyers habits until 2008, are the trends we are seeing again ten years later. Million dollar condos have began selling quite frequently again. The average sale price in Vallarta has crept up above $300,000 US. New developments are popping up everywhere and theres no end in sight. Vidanta we hear, has big plans. Nuevo Vallarta is booming with new condominium regimes and Punta Mita…..is Punta Mita. The little coastal villages are becoming small towns now…Sayulita and San Pancho are now indy tourist attractions. All in all, its positive for the economy. Puerto Vallarta has always been a sleeping giant….but now the belly has been tickled and the giant is awakening from its slumber. Needless to say, its going to be a busy, fun and interesting next few years.

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