Market Statistics – Jalisco/Nayrit

[market_stats title="INVENTORY - This chart shows you the number of properties currently listed for sale in the MLS as well as the number of new properties listed each month." width="325" height="325" type="inventory" display="ActiveListings,NewListings"]

[market_stats title="PRICES - This chart shows you four different examples of price. The average list price, the new average list price, median list price, and the new median list price. (US Dollars)." width="325" height="325" type="price" display="ActiveAverageListPrice,NewAverageListPrice,ActiveMedianListPrice,NewMedianListPrice"]

[market_stats title="SOLD DOM - The average days a property sits on the market (DOM) is displayed in this chart. Remember that we are primarily a second home market, which is why we have such a high DOM." width="325" height="325" type="dom" display="AverageDom"]

[market_stats title="ABSORPTION RATE - Calculated by dividing the number of sales in a given month by the number of available homes for sale. It is the inverse of months of supply." width="325" height="325" type="absorption"]

[market_stats title="VOLUME - This chart shows the number of houses listed in a given period by both active and new listings" width="325" height="325" type="volume" display="ActiveListVolume,NewListVolume"]

[market_stats title="SALE PRICE TO LIST PRICE RATIO - This chart shows the percentage of what a house sells for compared to listing price." width="325" height="325" type="ratio" display="SaleToListPriceRatio"]

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